1. Timothy J.Williams says:

    We have been a client of Acendex for over 15 years. I can say without reservation, that the service they have provided to our agency has been superlative. We rely on Acendex for support of the infrastructure, which is critical to us meeting our mission of providing solutions to individuals and families that help them build connections and empower them to realize their potential. JFSA has been providing services to clients who are the most vulnerable members of the community, for over 140 years. Acendex is always there for us when we need them. Everyone I have dealt with at Acendex has been knowledgeable, courteous, accommodating and reliable. I truly believe they live up to their company slogan that they believe that “Excellence is not a commodity” and that they should always:

    “Show up on time…
    “Do what you say…
    “Finish what you start…
    “Communicate Clearly

    Best regards,

    Timothy J. Williams
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland

  2. Becky says:

    David helped get my computer up to date and usable again! Thanks David!

  3. Two glowing emails in one day is unprecedented but I feel compelled to do so. In just a few short hours, Acendex installed a monitoring server, heated up the rack in our Rotunda and installed WiFi. These last two issues have been lingering for me for more than 6 months.

    I have communicated this success to The General Manager and he was completely blown away. Acendex is now part of the family. For the record, please feel free to identify Acendex as the IT service provider with The Metropolitan at The 9. I would like to think we might be one of your premier clients and we will do all we can to help you grow your business. You are now in the Marriott family, the sky is the limit.

  4. CG says:

    Acendex has been responsive to any concerns, customer service is great. We appreciate Acendex’s service to our firm.

  5. Dan Taraska says:

    I just wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for Chris Jones helping us with the Phone system in Atlanta.
    He refused to give up and got the job done quickly when the odds were against him.
    Our provider in Atlanta was not being very helpful, yet Chris still found a way to get it done.
    Because he worked on it in the evening, we had no down time that evening / the next morning.

    I really appreciate the effort he has put into the Atlanta upgrade project.

    Thank you very much,

    Daniel Taraska
    Systems Analyst

  6. The new internet installation has been completed and the Atlanta computers are working great!
    CS Quote and M2M are performing much better than previously.

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to all involved and express our appreciation for everyone’s efforts it making it happen.

    Best regards,

    Jennifer T.
    Inside Sales Atlanta

  7. Akiva Feinstein says:

    Our local tech, Sean McGrotty over at Montefiore continues to amaze us with his kindness and skill. He dances around our busy facility with his laptop in hand in a constant whir of activity helping everyone around. He never says that he is too busy and he really knows his stuff. He is a master at many different server, connectivity, software packages, etc. but is still a great people person. We are really luck to have him here and hope that he never leaves to go work in Silicon Valley for a million dollars a year.

  8. Brian J says:

    Cannot say enough about their responsiveness to issues/inquiries. Additionally, their commitment to creating a true partnership with their clients puts them well into the category of solution providers versus just technology troubleshooters.

  9. Jack Ziegelmayer says:

    An innocent mistake by one of our Team Members blocked our Operational Software from working as it should. I reached out to Acendex at 8 PM and by 8:15 it was being addressed, great response time.

  10. We are now entering our 6th year with Acendex. Two key differentiators set Adendex apart from the rest. Those differentiators include attention to service and their ability to offer strategic solutions with guidance toward making a logical decision.

  11. SG Morris says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my computer is now moving at lightning speed! Acendex has been a great asset in helping to correct the problems with our database and the speed problem. Yippee!



  12. You were a huge help to me and I hope we can get all the systems in A1 shape for the future. Many thanks for all your support!

  13. Jonathan,
    Your people are fun and easy to work with.
    Jeff O.

  14. Controller-Real Estate Management Co. says:

    Responsive to Emergencies

    We are real estate management company with nearly $500 million of retail, industrial and residential properties. We hired Acendex in June, 1999, to design and build a local and wide area network to facilitate a major change in accounting software and to establish desktop e-mail and fax capabilities.

    We’ve been extremely pleased with Acendex’s performance and the professionalism of its staff in studying our needs, developing written, comprehensive recommendations and options and implementing the chosen configuration.

    Our new network has allowed us to decentralize a major accounting function, something we have been working towards for 10 years.

    The Acendex staff is sensitive to our need for after-hours maintenance and is readily available for emergencies.

    Acendex has a very proactive approach to network management that includes quarterly meetings to review the status of the network and to identify any potential upgrades or enhancements that might be required in the future. This means that we are very rarely surprised by having to make an emergency purchase to fix our network and it allows us to better budget our IT expenditures

  15. Director of Administration - Healthcare Nonprofit says:

    Designing for Growth

    One of my primary objectives upon joining this organization was to implement an agency-wide network solution that would accommodate the future growth of the agency while addressing current needs in the financial and clinical areas. My past history with Jonathan Husni and his team from Acendex was the key factor in the decision to bring them in to assist us in plotting our IT strategy.

    Jonathan designed a system that allowed for the use of all of our existing equipment while addressing the need to keep costs low and reliability at a premium. As a true not-for-profit operation, we did not have a large IT budget to work with nor do we have an extensive IT department (1 person).

    Despite these limitations, Jonathan was able to design a low-cost solution using cutting edge technology that has served our agency and has enabled us to grow from a 15-person network to a multi-site, 60-user operation with minimal additional investment. Due to the nature of our function in the psychiatric emergency system, uptime is a critical factor and the integrity of our system has been proven many times over.

    We continue to work with the staff at Acendex to maintain our systems and to consult on issues needing IT solutions. I feel that we have received significant value from this business relationship.

  16. CPA says:

    Creative, Reliable, Fairly Priced

    I have worked with Jonathan Husni for several years and have the upmost respect for his company. I have had them develop service programs, design outsourced networks, and flexible billing programs. They are extremely creative and a company that you can rely on to get the job done at a fair price.

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